And So It Begins . . .

Embarking on my senior year here at the University of Oregon, I have found myself at a crossroad. When I came here as a steadfast freshman I had two things in mind: the love of writing and the love of helping people. I needed to find a field where I could accomplish both things, and undoubtedly chose journalism. I immediately got on track for my double-focus in magazine and public relations, with a minor in communication studies. I loved how this sounded, and I still do. It floats off the tongue in such a high manner: filled with success, confidence and assurance. But after a years worth of hospital visits and insane diagnoses, I have begun wondering if all of these things are really worth the extra year here to accomplish. Therefore, I have decided to dedicate this blog to all things PR, Advertising, and Marketing, in hopes to finally figure my sh*t out and decide which part of my focus I like more, or if I simply cannot choose just one track.

Photo Courtesy of Daniele Sartori

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