Carousel Dreams.

The Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2012 Collection (designed by Marc Jacobs) was absolutely breathtaking. Yet somehow the presentation was much more than that, it was purely magical. A divine white carousel with models atop stunning porcelain horses was unveiled as chiming chords conveyed a message of youthful innocence and utter grandeur. The carousel was about much more than just presentation though, according to People Magazine Jacobs said: “the carousel was also a metaphor for fashion. The way it goes round and round. . . and how there is no end to fashion. How it is a beautiful ride. and there is no end to its beauty.”

Fashion shows like this one, that are more than just outfits and models walking along a catwalk, really make me start to feel something for fashion. As if a little fire is starting up inside my heart, its warmth beckoning me closer. A new passion? Possibly! Now it is time to investigate the PR world inside of fashion.

au revoir!


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