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I read an article last weekend highlighting a bloggers insights into the world of Cirque du Soleil and was incredibly intrigued on how you can find PR advice in the coolest of places. Blogger Arik Hanson attended a Cirque du Soleil show in LA this past November, and left with more than just the utter grandeur, magic, and magnificence of the usual show. He left the circus with four PR lessons that I believe can be tied to making a fantastic fashion show and therefore felt the need to share them with you:

4 PR Lessons You Can Learn From Cirque du Soeil | By Arik Hanson

1. Consider your customers perspective: Two of the coolest moments of the show where when performers actually swung out OVER the audience on trapeze-type contraptions. They you were literally looking straight up, OVERHEAD at these performers. It was incredible. And, it was all about a different perspective (which they had carefully considered when designing the show). Do you have a good feel for your customer’s perspective? Have you spent time in their shoes experiencing your brand from the outside in? That perspective can help you engineer products, services and processes that can enhance your customers’ experience–which can help propel profits and drive loyalty.

2. Make your customers part of the show: During the second half of the show, the Cirque performers pulled one guest on stage for a somewhat extended routine in which they asked him to act out a number of “scenes” mimicing the Academy Awards. The guy was a pretty good sport. And, the audience loved it. And, more importantly, I’m guessing it’s an experience this gentleman won’t soon forget. What are you doing to draw your customers into your brand? Are you letting “inside the ropes?” I’m thinking specifically about opportunities with influencers and bloggers here.

3. Don’t forget about artistic design: The design of most Cirque shows is pretty amazing. This particular show has a “firm Noir”-type feel. Costume and set design is a HUGE part of what makes Cirque, Cirque. It completes the experience. Are you considering the artistic design of your brand? I’m not just talking about your actual logo, your marketing materials or your signage. I’m talking about the artistry of your brand. I’m talking about the finer touches. The merchandise your front-line staff wears at events and trade shows. The buttons and link colors on your blog or Web site. Your avatar on social platforms. All that brand artistry adds up to shape your customers’ complete experiences.

4. Sweat the details: Cirque is famous for sweating the details. I’m always amazed at the level of sophistication in the design. In the costumes. And, in the experience. During intermission, performers roam the aisle and engage the guests. Even the band members in the suites above were carefully dressed, even though they were 50 feet about our heads. It’s an obvious point, but paying attention to the details for your brand can make the difference between a return customer and one that’s willing to walk away.

After reading Hanson’s article I realized that when it all comes down to it, artistry is about captivating your audience. It’s about surprising them with something unexpected and awing them with splendor of beautiful artistic designs, exquisite details, and a superb storyline. We can all learn a little something from the magic of Cirque du Soleil.


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