Get Up!

Watch this, REALLY.

Surprised? Shocked? Intrigued? Well, I sure was. It is ads like this that make me smile and appreciate the value of creativity, passion, justice, and democracy. It is videos like this that take your breath away and really make you think about what values shape you.

Get Up! : Action for Australia is a non-profit independent grass-roots community advocacy organization that gives everyday Australians the opportunity to get involved and hold politicians accountable on important issues.

The organization runs a blog where video campaigns for specific petitions on current political and environmental issues are posted monthly. Get Up! has aired over 25 television ads on everything from the Iraq war to Tibet, children in detention, internet censorship, climate change, mental health, and giving refugees a fair go.

I find this all incredibly interesting and I think for my next round of blogs I will be exploring how public relations functions in non-profits and how those campaigns are structured to reach success.


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