How to Avoid Shooting Yourself in the Foot

I read an article recently on how to reach your potential and avoid self-destructing “mantras” that lead us to our usual excuses on not reaching our goals. Below are the top three negative mantras that were highlighted in the article:

1. It has to be complex to be good

2. Surely, everyone has thought of that already

3. It’s someone else’s fault that I can’t do this

I guess this article hit home more than I thought it would. Not necessarily because my mind has wandered to these specific mantras on a daily basis, but more so because the last mantra, that it is someone else’s fault that I can’t do something, definitely runs through my head now and again. I’ve been very ill for quite some time now, and it has been incredibly hard to keep on track with schoolwork, internships, jobs, and my social life. I recently found myself saying things like, “I can’t do that” or “That would be too hard on my body” or “I used to do this” and even the classic “Well, maybe next time.” And then yesterday something changed. A little spark that I had kept locked deep inside of me for the past year finally broke free. I told myself that I could no longer be such a victim of my own life.

At the top of Spencer's Butte

I climbed a mountain yesterday. I left my self-destructing mantra’s at the bottom, and when I reached the top I could finally breathe again. It was an amazing feeling of accomplishment. I no longer will be using the word “can’t.” That is my new mantra.

I dare you to change one of yours. Seize the day. And Live.


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