Video Fashion

In the age of technology, the fashion world has always done its best to keep up. The Fashion Industry has taken a new online presence the past few years, clutching to digital marketing in some very creative ways. Hosting online is one of the cheapest forms of marketing, usually only costing the company for cost of production.  A mashable article on How Leading Fashion Brands Are Embracing Online Video highlights how great of an opportunity online video is for fashion brands. Statistics show “that more than 3 billion videos are viewed per day on the web’s largest video-sharing platform , youtube, whose monthly traffic hovers around 800 million unique visitors.”

Top designer brands such as Channel, Kate Spade, Dior, and Lanvin have created great online video campaigns for several of its products.

Channel created a make-up campaign video, which highlights many of its different products in a very artful and unique way.

Kate Spade has been commissioning a different artist each month of 2011 to create video campaigns around a particular color for its “Live Colorfully” campaign, such as the video seen below.

Overall, video marketing is hitting the fashion world by storm. When the videos are reach thousands, millions, and even billions of viewers each month, the brands are a lot more likely to initiate traffic to their websites.


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