The End of the Beginning

I am a graduate. The whole process was surreal, exhilarating and quite humbling as I saw hundreds of other talented journalism majors walking across the stage to receive their own diplomas. And then, just like that, we all dispersed into a mass crowd of loved ones and on into the real world which is so different, hectic, exotic and frightening. We all have taken different paths to get here; some took the roads less traveled, some didn’t dare sway off the reliable I-5 and others unluckily swerved into the ditch along the way, thus preventing them to reach this glorious destination. This destination of unshakable knowledge and brilliant hope. My path was far from ordinary, my story both eloquently sweet and catastrophic at the same time. Yet, I have come to realize, that this is only the end of the beginning. I believe in Gatsby’s green light. In the orgastic future that year by year recedes before us. And just as Fitzgerald said, it eluded me then, but that’s no matter, for tomorrow I will run faster, stretch out my arms farther… And one fine morning —-



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