Advice to My Younger Self

#1 – Don’t laugh when your dad falls in the snow, cement hurts no matter how much white blankets over it. You will fall plenty of times in your life, and he will never smirk.

#2 – Take more naps. They will energize you and keep you up later at night so you can eat popcorn and watch Cheers with mom and dad. You will wish you can cash in on these unused naps later in life, but you can’t.

#3 – Garden more with mom, she will always cherish it.

#4 – When you are at Peter Iredale Beach and you make up that song, write it down. You will forget it later.

#5 – Learn how to play the piano, you know you want to.

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#6 – When the man at the music store tells you that your hands and fingers are too small to play the saxophone, tell him they’ll grow and you don’t want to play the clarinet. You will lose your passion for music and your clarinet.

#7 – Don’t ever let a man run your life, instead, find a way to walk together. And if he refuses, sprint.

#8 – Don’t ever stop writing in your journals, you will look back upon them later and laugh. And you will look at them with your daughter and laugh. But you know how much they mean to you.

#9 – Don’t throw away all of your letters, music and poetry. The boy isn’t worth it.

#10 – You should never make promises you cannot keep.

#11 – You will be very sick when you are 21 and 22. Use this as a time to embrace life and learn to cherish it. You have more time than you think you do, but you might not later on.

#12 – Try  not to start drinking soda again, it’s a bad habit.

#13 – I would strongly suggest you never put a relationship status up on facebook again. It can run your life. And that’s just pathetic.

#14 – Stay in touch with your best friends from college, they really are true ones.

#15 – When you think you should move to OKC, think again. ONE WORD: Tornado! Stupid.

#16 – Don’t be afraid to jump. Off rocks, bridges, hills, and  most importantly bad relationships.

#17 – When things get rough at work and you want to give up, don’t you dare. You will get two promotions within the year because YOU ROCK. And you stuck with it.

#18 – Immerse yourself in the cultures around you. There are so many different people in this world. Being close-minded is the worst.

#19 – Befriend Jordan DePhina in your sorority. She will literally save your life. Don’t forget to thank her.

#20 – Buy. That. Corgi. He’s amazing. And you will love him forever.


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