25 Days Until #AmaroEverAfter

I am ecstatic that in 25 days I get to marry my best friend. There have been an abundance of adventures this past year and our relationship has been tested in many, many ways. I am lucky that I can say with absolute certainty that he is the right one for me.

I’ve been blessed with three bridal showers full of family and friends, as well as a bachelorette in Disneyland with my gphi sorority sisters! And I still have one more local bachelorette to go… I’m a very lucky girl.

Our first date was to The Great Gatsby movie back in 2013 and it just so happens to also be my favorite novel. So, we decided to have a Great Gatsby/Roaring 20’s themed wedding at a beautiful 1920’s venue called the Hotel deLuxe in downtown Portland, Oregon.

A little party never killed nobody, so get ready for the Summer of Gatsby! Cheers!


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