“And when the pastor asks the pews, for reasons he can’t marry you; I’ll keep my word and I’ll keep my seat. Let me tell you; You’re gonna live forever in me. I guarantee, just wait and see. You know it’s me.”

I get married in 18 days. This new beginning has been so abundantly clear to me the past year, that I had forgotten how excruciatingly beautiful (and necessary) endings can be. I had forgotten how important music was in my life. I had forgotten how much words mean to my soul. I had forgotten these things because I had to heal. I guess we all take our own sweet time.

When John Mayer released “You’re Gonna Live Forever in Me,” it stayed on repeat for days. When he played it live in concert in Portland, Oregon as a finale this past Saturday, it was the epitome of perfection.

So, I let go. 


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