My LIght

La luz brilliante presents itself

as a thousand dizzying beams.

Unwrapping from my abdomen

my tiny universe wails with existence.

Figuras familiares stick to my eyelids

praising and welcoming my soul in repose.

How lovely to meet you uncle

our grand guardian.

Opa’s reassuring grin

reminds me of the choice.

Stewart blood recalls that

courage grows

strong at these wounds.

I must stay.

The smiles fleeting

replaced by shuddering limbs

and cavernous cold.

This battle whipping

my spirit and testing all that I am.

Recognizable rhythm

swiftly mimics my own.

Grounding warmth envelops

my weary body and

loosens the pull of darkness.

Purpose has never had more meaning.

You are my forever home.

You are my perpetual light.

-Kathryn Rose Amaro

Slide the arrows to see Then (8.24.19) vs. Now (8.24.20)


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