Bisous, NOLA

Beneath a history of stars we rest in secret gardens enchanted by our own darkness. Tennessee for two tipsy off the honeyed heat of you. The lady behind us is a mood. With each wistful breath my back arches like the deck of cards shuffling between us. Aces, we stay. Kings, we get on that … Continue reading Bisous, NOLA

Lucky Number Seven

  Hands, opening, hands in the backseat, strumming on strings of my heart and caressing the black ink written on my skin, three words not deep enough to last because those hands always found another.   Hands, familiar yet distant, hands yearning for far more than I could give holding up, up against the wall … Continue reading Lucky Number Seven

Published on Thought Catalog

I am honored to share that my piece, "I'm Dreaming Reality," was published yesterday on Thought Catalog. You can find it here: It feels so good to be able to share this particular piece with the world, as it was an incredibly dark chapter of my life. I urge anyone who is going through similar experiences … Continue reading Published on Thought Catalog


A collection of my favorite places so far... Albuquerque, NM: breath-taking views, gorgeous mountains, Sandia Resort, no humidity and delicious green chilies. Little Rock, AR: southern hospitality, delicious meals, reunited with friends, realizing I'm old and cool jazz.