A collection of my favorite places so far... Albuquerque, NM: breath-taking views, gorgeous mountains, Sandia Resort, no humidity and delicious green chilies. Little Rock, AR: southern hospitality, delicious meals, reunited with friends, realizing I'm old and cool jazz.

Advice to My Younger Self

#1 - Don't laugh when your dad falls in the snow, cement hurts no matter how much white blankets over it. You will fall plenty of times in your life, and he will never smirk. #2 - Take more naps. They will energize you and keep you up later at night so you can eat … Continue reading Advice to My Younger Self

PR – A Great Place For Women

This past Tuesday while sifting through hundreds of papers for my current ghost-writing project, I stumbled across an old PRSA Newsletter from the National Capital Chapter (Vol. XII No. 2 - February 1973.) I found this particularly interesting since my ghost-writing piece has absolutely nothing to do with public relations, yet somehow it underlines my … Continue reading PR – A Great Place For Women

Bower’s Bite: PR and Advertising aren’t forms of “Journalism” | My Rebuttal

As a veteran PR Major and Communication Studies Minor in the University of Oregon: School of Journalism and Communication, who has been through "INFOHELL" (twice) and taken all old jschool curriculum pre-reqs as well as upper division: communications, ethics, magazine, web video production (for KVAL News), advertising, and public relations courses, I must say that this … Continue reading Bower’s Bite: PR and Advertising aren’t forms of “Journalism” | My Rebuttal

Saving Trees One Kindle at a Time – My Quest to Help Save the World

Ever since we were little tots, we have been taught to "reduce, reuse, and recycle." In school we were asked to place all our paper scraps from collages in the blue recycle bin, to absolutely not throw our pop-cans in the trash in the cafeteria, and to bring a reusable water bottle to school everyday. … Continue reading Saving Trees One Kindle at a Time – My Quest to Help Save the World

Victoria’s Marketing Secret

Victoria's Secret is the leading speciality retailer of apparel, lingerie, and personal care products with six major leading brands: Victoria's Secret, Bath and Body Works, White Barn Candle Co., C.O. Bigelow, La Senza, and Henry Bendel. There is no question, the brands relations with consumers and its competitors is thriving. We know Victoria's Secret is doing … Continue reading Victoria’s Marketing Secret