Video Fashion

In the age of technology, the fashion world has always done its best to keep up. The Fashion Industry has taken a new online presence the past few years, clutching to digital marketing in some very creative ways. Hosting online is one of the cheapest forms of marketing, usually only costing the company for cost … Continue reading Video Fashion

the dip

The best news I have heard all term comes from a little book with a big message: the dip by Seth Godin. “Here is the good news: The fact that it’s difficult and unpredictable works to your advantage. Because if it were any other way, there’d be no profit in it. The reason people bother … Continue reading the dip

Versace & H&M Join Forces

This November Top Designer Donatella Versace joins forces with fashion retailer H&M, debuting a "joyful" winter  2012 collection. The marketing for this new line has been stellar; premiering with a fashion show on November 8th which included famous guests such as Blake Lively, Uma Thurman, Jessica Alba, Niki Minaj, and Prince. A viral video showcasing … Continue reading Versace & H&M Join Forces

Interview with Model Kate Troedsson

Kate Troedsson is currently in Madrid, Spain working as a model under Option Model and Media. In this interview Kate explains how the use of social media has helped her succeed in both her modeling career and designer aspirations. Q: What social media tools do you use? A: The social media tools that I manage … Continue reading Interview with Model Kate Troedsson