Interview with Model Kate Troedsson

Kate Troedsson is currently in Madrid, Spain working as a model under Option Model and Media. In this interview Kate explains how the use of social media has helped her succeed in both her modeling career and designer aspirations. Q: What social media tools do you use? A: The social media tools that I manage … Continue reading Interview with Model Kate Troedsson

“Social Fashion”

Last week I read an article called "Fashion and Social Media: Power to the People or the Publisher?" And I must say this article has furthered my quest of exploring the depths of fashion in the PR World. Author Vanessa DiMauro speaks on how social media is used in the fashion world, or more-so how … Continue reading “Social Fashion”

Carousel Dreams.

The Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2012 Collection (designed by Marc Jacobs) was absolutely breathtaking. Yet somehow the presentation was much more than that, it was purely magical. A divine white carousel with models atop stunning porcelain horses was unveiled as chiming chords conveyed a message of youthful innocence and utter grandeur. The carousel was about much … Continue reading Carousel Dreams.